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Test IQ to identify geniuses

Have you ever heard of geniuses such as Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilei, Thomas Edison...? Have you ever wondered why they are recognized worldly as genius and possess genius brain. Those things are all about the two letters "IQ", IQ testing will help us know if someone is genius or not. Quick IQ test online is the best way to search for genius.

How should we understand Intelligence Quotient Test?

As we all know, Intelligence Quotient, or also known as IQ, is usually thought to be closely related to success in everyone’s life, work, and study.

According to many studies, people with high IQ often have the ability to manipulate, process and analyze information in a more intensive level and especially faster than those who have lower IQ. And tools to measure IQ are Intelligence Quotient Tests. Online IQ test is the most popular method to test IQ being applied usually by a lot of IQ testing organizations in the world.

There are many methods to implement various Intelligence Quotient tests, but most of them aim to one target which is to assess the ability to analyze, do IQ mathematics, visual processing and memory, especially information processing speed of each person.

How much Intelligence Quotient test results do genius brains obtain?

The Vietnamese Intelligence Quotient test of Vietnam High IQ Society has been built on the base of international Intelligence Quotient tests with high precision and reputation. The online IQ test that consists of 26 questions to be finished in 24 minutes will help determine well a person's IQ in the range of 77-142 SD 15 (corresponding to approximately 95% of the population).

The test has 100% image content, with the aim of ensuring fairness of knowledge as well as cultures in different regions. That is, a person, who does not need to go to school, is illiterate, can still test IQ.

After completion of the test, based on IQ score, people divide the following categories:

IQ test score categorizes list:
- IQ scores from less than 85, in the low group (proportion 16%
- IQ scores from 85-115, in the normal group (68% rate)
- IQ scores from 115-130, in the intelligent group (14% rate)
- IQ scores from 130-145, in the very smart group (2% rate)
- IQ scores from 145 onwards, in the genius or close-to-genius group (0.1% rate)

So you are possessing normal or genius intelligence? Are you are in the top 2% of the world population? Find the answer yourself!

Note: The test will automatically stop when the time is up. If the result of your free IQ test is > 130 (being in the very clever group), please fill your details in the form instructed so we can update your information in the high intelligence member ranking board.


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